EMIT Rite of Passage

Emit Rite of Passage is a 3 month process for youths who see the need to become adult men. It is a Christian program and discipleship will be part of it, but the purpose is to become a man.

What is this Internship about

There are several incredibly important and valuable components to this change that we require. One is community. Another is learning practical principles of masculinity both familial and social. Another is spiritual, introducing biblical teaching for being a mature man. Another is hard physical work learning household and farm skills. Another is self-improvement in free time learning the cost and benefit of consistently reading books to strengthen character, communication, and life skills. Another is technical on the job training and production in the areas of photography and photo editing and videography and video editing for marketing, along with website development and live streaming. Another is proper etiquette and experience participating in and facilitating business meetings. Another is writing business reports, documenting tasks, and building portfolios. Another is managing a dog raising kennel. Another is writing internal business proposals. Another is creating business plans. Additionally, learning to journal daily is a critical part of this process, enabling program and life success. The program culminates in a large project such as managing an exhibit at a major conference. Participants pay to attend similar to college course or a short-term mission trip.

Gain expierience — Become Responsible — Be a Man

What you will gain from this Internship

Each youth must be sponsored or have patrons willing to hold them accountable to the course they are choosing, and encourage them along the way if they are contacted.  These patrons are not for financial reasons.  The commitment these adult men make is to accept the youth as an adult after the program has been successfully completed.  

Learning the commands of Jesus, learning to read Biblical narrative, and participating in Christian activities and missionary outreaches.

Working with a variety of poultry, sheep, goats, and dogs requires animal husbandry and carpentry skills.  Fence and structure building and/or maintenance allow for the competent usage of many tools.  Goat milking and the butchering of animals, along with daily feeding and watering, create the discipline for daily steps to success.  Household responsibilities will help to develop values of organization and cleanliness that will help them be good to their future wives: valuing their daily contributions outside the financial.  Shopping and cooking are required during free time, and a budget of expenses must be kept to teach them the cost of being providers

Dress codes, hygiene, listening and speaking participation, preparation of presentations as attendees and facilitators, change the way young men think about professional life and efficiency.  Principles of team work, decision making, persuasion, submission, and leadership will help create an effective confident man who adds value in any scenario.

Proper care for animals, careful accounting of expenses and professional inventory skills, and professional documentation for each individual dog give insight to the inner workings of a small business.  Learning to manage time and information, and coordinate schedules with others create awareness of the strains on adults outside of the familial view they have observed in their parents.

This vital skill will change a man’s ability to increase income, be promoted to positions of greater responsibility, and increase the respect they are given by those they work with.  Every task they do will be documented as part of the job until it is as easy as breathing for them.

Photography and photo editing are the basis for many areas of earning potential in the real world.  Videography and video editing take this to the next level.  Live-streaming is a directly engaging form of video that increases interaction and buy in, and the skills of it increase ability for online meetings for either integration or sales.  Adding Website development creates a point of contact for many companies.  The projects they complete will be made into a professional portfolio that will aid them in bidding jobs in the future. 

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